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Burblings about adjusting to life in the deep south west of France or "la France profonde" as they call it here and the challenges of restoring a ramshackle collection of tumbledown buildings. I mainly write about local festivals, events and celebrations and, most of all, the weekly ritual of combing vide greniers and brocantes for pre-loved vintage treasures.

7 March 2013

F 2.1 & 2.2

"F" Day came and went in December 2012 without our long awaited floor being poured.

Christmas and wintery weather have prevented a second F day being scheduled until March 2013.

But today was F 2.2 - Floor Day 2 of  2 and now it is done.

The spacers had already been removed and the floor divided into thirds to allow it to be manually poured in sections. Here Gareth is tamping down a side section of the floor on F Day 2.1.

He was being supplied by Big Rolf and Paul

At the end of Monday a.ka. Floor Day 2.1 the 2 outer strips have been completed.

Once again work was stopped by 100km/hr winds and rain. But today, Thursday 7th March 2013, it was F 2.2. The second day of the second attempt to get the floor down. Here Harry and Big Rolfie are shovelling the rapidly dwindling pile of beton into barrows to supply the huge mixer.

Harry (left) and Gareth (right) tamping down the middle section

They're working through the kitchen section towards the French doors onto the covered terrace now (I can see this in my imagination...)

This has been a monumental day in our project.

Not topping out.

More bottoming out!

We're having a "Bottoming Out" BBQ on Monday to celebrate F days 2.1 & 2.2.

Bottoms up, everyone x