Now what? Life in rural Ariege

Burblings about adjusting to life in the deep south west of France or "la France profonde" as they call it here and the challenges of restoring a ramshackle collection of tumbledown buildings. I mainly write about local festivals, events and celebrations and, most of all, the weekly ritual of combing vide greniers and brocantes for pre-loved vintage treasures.

24 June 2012

The Afterlife

During my stock hunting trips for Histoires I often uncover the "histoire" or story of items I am purchasing. I sometimes find out who made them, when they made or some other anecdote associated with the item. Once they pass through my shop and have been shipped to far flung corners of the world I usually do not hear much more than how much the client loved them. Occasionally however I hear back about how the items have been used and, to me, this is quite fascinating.

Take for example this linen and crochet hand made curtain

It was purchased by an advertising agency in New York and was used in a lingerie advert. It probably wasn't the most eye-catching part of the advert but at least it got a bit part!

A client in Cincinnati bought this chenille yarn specifically for tying fishing flies

The candy pink 1950s tiered petticoat was bought by the photographer and model for use in their photography. Thanks to them for permission to use their photograph

The wonderful 18th century handwritten document was purchased by an advertising agency in Las Vegas and was also used as a photographic prop

And this card of mid century navy blue buttons were just the right colour and shape (and nationality!) for my client to "restore" her vintage Jeanne Lanvin coat.

Reused, repurposed, upcycled... they live on. Their histoire continues...